Dove and Nike Team Up to Keep Girls Confident in Sports

Dove and Nike Team Up to Keep Girls in Sports

It’s a powerful statistic: a staggering 45% of girls quit sports by the age of 14, with the number one reason being low body confidence.

Feeling self-conscious about their bodies can hold girls back from the joy, competition, and health benefits that come with participating in sports.


Dove, a champion of self-esteem for girls, understands this challenge. That’s why they’ve partnered with Nike, a leader in sports apparel, to launch the innovative Body Confident Sport program.



Body Confident Sport: Building Confidence on and Off the Field


This first-of-its-kind online coaching program specifically targets 11-17 year old girls. It offers a variety of resources designed to:


  • Challenge negative body image.

  • Promote a healthy relationship with physical activity.

  • Focus on the fun and empowerment that sports can bring.


The program features:


Expert advice: Tips and guidance from coaches, athletes, and body image experts.

Interactive activities: Engaging exercises to build confidence and self-esteem.

Real-life stories: Inspiring examples of female athletes who overcame challenges.



Join the #KeepHerConfident Challenge


Dove is encouraging everyone to participate in the #KeepHerConfident Challenge on TikTok.

Share your stories and tips on how you’re helping girls feel confident in sports. By working together, we can create a more supportive and inclusive environment for all young athletes.



Dove Products to Support Healthy Skin and Confidence


Dove offers a range of body care products that can help girls feel good in their own skin, both on and off the field. Consider recommending products like:


Dove Body Wash: These nourishing washes cleanse and hydrate skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.


Glow Recharge Body Wash


Dove’s #1 dermatologist-recommended vegan body wash with vitamin C exfoliates, brightens, and hydrates for invigorated, radiant skin.


Glow Recharge Body Wash




Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant Deodorant: Provides long-lasting odor protection and care for underarm skin, keeping girls feeling fresh and confident throughout their workout.


Dove Body Lotion: Deeply hydrates skin, helping to prevent dryness and irritation. Beyond just hydration, our indulgent body lotions transform your skincare into a moment of self-care. Enjoy spa-like textures and captivating scents, all while leaving your skin feeling pampered and soft.


Dove Skincare Regimen Gift Set with Body Polish, Body Wash & Lotion


This Dove Skincare Regimen Gift Set has everything you need for nourished skin! Exfoliate with the Macadamia & Rice Milk Scrub, cleanse with the #1 dermatologist recommended body wash, and finally, lock in moisture with the ceramide-infused body lotion.


Dove Skincare Regimen Gift Set with Body Polish, Body Wash & Lotion


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By combining the resources of the Body Confident Sport program with positive reinforcement and the right self-care products, you can help empower girls to stay in sports and enjoy all the amazing benefits they have to offer.


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