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AromaTech Review

Elegance and Innovation

The AroMini BT employs our unique nebulizing technology to achieve long-lasting, evenly distributed scent. With unrivalled user control and the ability to adjust fragrance intensity as desired, this is the future of home scenting.

The AroMini BT employs our unique nebulizing technology, which uses filtered air to diffuse fragrances instead of heat or water. This preserves the aromatic integrity of the oils, allowing for longer-lasting diffusion that leaves no residue. Designed to suit spaces of all sizes, the Aromini BT allows unrivalled user control, with the ability to adjust fragrance intensity as desired. For long-lasting, evenly distributed scent.

This whisper-quiet home diffuser covers up to 1,000 square feet of space in matter of seconds and transforms your home into a serene and fresh atmosphere.

Key Features: Covers 100 – 1,000 sq.ft., 24/7 Timer, Bluetooth Connected.


Yes, the Scenting app works with both IOS and Android devices.

The AroMini Bluetooth™ holds 120 ml bottle of essential or aroma oil that will last 4 weeks with daily usage, running about 8 hours a day. To preserve the oil, the AroMini Bluetooth™ is equipped with a 24/7 internal timer controlled by the App. This allows you to control when the diffusers works during the day. Depending on the essential or aroma oil you are using that time may increase or decrease. Some essential oils diffuse a lot faster due to their consistency and viscosity.

Yes. When used as directed and only with AromaTech’s™ essential and aroma oil blends, the AroMini Bluetooth™ is the safest cold-air diffuser available. Make sure to request SDS if you require more info about the oil being diffused.

AromaTech™ diffusers are the most Eco-friendly products on the market. Unlike aerosols, AroMini Bluetooth™ uses no propellants, phthalates and produces no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Unlike many air fresheners, AroMini Bluetooth™ uses no ethanol or similar solvent to enhance the evaporation of essential and aroma oils.

AromaTech – Luxury Scents Created for Everyday Life

Enhance the atmosphere of the everyday with complex, richly evocative fragrances.

Love Affair

Bold and heady – the magnetism of disparate elements

At once rich and diffusive, Love Affair translates the adage ‘opposites attract’ as fragrance. Heavier base notes harmonize with airy top notes of jasmine and saffron.

A Dance of Contrasts: Love affair is a sweet yet bold fragrance, a heady blend of jasmine, saffron and cedar scents. Inspired by Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge 540.

Key Notes: Jasmin, Saffron, Cedar, Ambergris.

AromaTech Review


The Hotel

Crisp bed sheets and a do not disturb sign. A modern fougère blending citrus notes with soothing lavender. As welcoming as its name suggests, The Hotel is a clean, fresh fragrance: think of crisp bedsheets, a shared glance across the elevator, and a do not disturb sign on the door.

Invigorating yet grounding: With notes of red rose, geranium, and lavender blended with the scents of eucalyptus and fresh pine, The Hotel is a cheerful, yet sensual blend of lemon, orange and juicy peach. Reminiscent of the scent at the Delano hotel in Las Vegas.

Key Notes: Peach, Red Rose, Pine

Mood: Elevated, Juicy, Fresh, Luxurious.

AromaTech Review


White Tea and Thyme

An invitation to unwind

Crisp, delicate and refreshing: the feeling of a deep inhalation, of laundry fluttering in the breeze, of a window opened to a still morning.

An Invitation to Unwind: Night-blooming jasmine, thyme, lily pad, cedar, and amber come together on a base of white tea to create this soothing fragrance. Reminiscent of the Westin Hotel scent.

Key Notes: White Tea, Thyme, Amber

Mood: Soothing, Refreshing, Delicate, Lovely.

AromaTech Review



Sensual and refined with an air of intrigue

Familiar but refined, Santal’s marriage of Sandalwood and Papyrus yields a resinous warmth and an air of intrigue.

Of understated charm: The aromatic equivalent of a sophisticated bar—sensual and inviting. Bold and intoxicating, this heady aroma is a blend of musk, papyrus, and cardamom scents. Reminiscent of Santal 26.

Key Notes: Cardamom, Papyrus, Musk

Mood: Musky, Leathery, Sensual.

AromaTech Review



AromaTech Reviews – Score 4.9/5 STARS


Check what the happy customers are saying:

I love walking into my home!
I recently purchased the Aromini BT, and I am in love! How did I not know about this before? My home smells amazing, and every time I come home I get excited to walk through the door and smell the lovely, elegant scent of my home! – Laura (Washington, US)

Love it!
I thought long and hard before investing in this but it is a great addition to our home. Can’t wait to try all the different scents. Go for it! – Deborah (Phoenix, US)

Absolutely love
First saw the aroma at our sons house and really liked it. Got one for our house and it is phenomenal. Doesn’t use that much of the oil at a time and really helps to give our home a fresh scent. – Lisa (Olathe, US)

Works great!!
I love my new AroMini BT. It is quiet and spread fragrance throughout my space. It is very easy to operate and the app makes things simple! – Beckie (Keller, US)

I love my new BT! I have it in a 1400 square-foot apartment and it is perfect. I get compliments anytime someone comes to visit. I highly recommend. – Heather (Spring, US)

No regrets! Fragrance meet Tech.
AroMiniBT does not disappoint! I purchased the Hotel fragrance and have enjoyed every aspect of these two items. Nice addition to my home office! Christopher (Ashburn, US)

I now live in a hotel
I walk in and it’s heavenly. I hope it late a long time because the oils are super pricey. Easy enough to use too. – Matthew (New Hope, US)

Beautiful and easy to use
Set up was super easy, it could not be easier to use! My device is gorgeous, I got the rose gold. Loving the fragrances I got. And now my home smells amazing! – Jennifer R (Vienna, US)



Nebulizing Scent Diffusers. Pure Essential & Aroma Oil.

Scenting For Home & Business.

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