AromaTech Scent Review: NEW Santal Escape

Santal Escape Scent

Travel With the Tides

The memory of a lush, distant island.

Lush vegetation, the rhythmic crash of waves against cliffs, and a salty ocean breeze: Santal Escape conjures the majesty of a desert-island daydream. A light, mineral interpretation of our bestselling Santal, the newest AromaTech fragrance lends a sophisticated ambiance to any space with its elegant blend of soft florals, earthy undertones and salty sea air. It’s the memory of white sand underfoot, warm sun on bare skin, and complete tranquility.

Driftwood washed ashore. A sea breeze stirring lush island vegetation. Waves crashing on rocks. AromaTech Santal Escape is a luxurious aroma oil blend, distinguished by its fresh mineral profile, descending into woody, refined base notes of solar amber and salted musk. A fresh twist on Santal, AromaTech bestselling fragrance.

Key Notes: Sea Air, Iris, Driftwood, Sandalwood

Mood: Refreshing, Soothing, Luxurious

Aromatech Santal Escape Aroma Oil for Scent Diffuser

AromaTech Santal Escape aroma oil is a 100% pure diffuser blend created with the highest quality of raw and natural ingredients. We combine our aroma oils with pure essential oils that are certified Non-GMO, Vegan, and contain no parabens.

All AromaTech diffuser oil blends and essential oils are created to be 100% safe for your home, family, and pets. Santal Escape aroma oil is designed to be conveniently used in any cold-air or ultrasonic oil diffuser to create your ideal ambience.


 Santal Escape Reviews

A Refreshing Scent
“A refreshing, smooth, and clean-smelling scent. I love the soothing atmosphere it creates in my space.”

Reminiscent of Santal Classic
“Love this new, amazing, and refreshing fragrance reminiscent of Santal! If you love the original Santal you will find its memorable notes in this new fragrance as it incorporates the original into calming scents of the breezy ocean and crispy sea salt.”

The Smell Is Amazing

“Bought this for my daughter for Christmas. She first smelled it in a hair salon. She loved the smell so much she asked about the scent and snapped a picture of the bottle. What a great scent but be warned a little goes a long way. If not in an open space, and you use too much, the smell, like anything else can be a little overwhelming. This we figured out already lol. I do recommend.”

Smell So Luxury

Smell is high-class. Hotel set feeling.


AromaTech essential and aroma oils work best with an nebulizing diffuser.


AromaTech Nebulizing Scent Diffusers

Experience the best in scent diffusion. Using nebulizing cold air technology, AromaTech state-of-the-art scent diffusers are designed to elevate your space.

You have many options when it comes to selecting an essential oil diffuser, but only cold-air nebulizing scenting machines can distribute highly-concentrated scent over such a large area without compromising the oil’s chemical integrity. Unlike ultrasonic diffusers, these devices create a very fine mist that leaves no residue. The bottom line is that if you want to experience the purest and most potent fragrance possible, you need one of these innovative scenting solutions.

AromaTech AroMini BT Bluetooth Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser For Aromatherapy and Scent Diffusing
AromaTech AroMini BT Bluetooth Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser For Aromatherapy and Scent Diffusing

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