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Scents have the power to influence our mood, so it’s in your hands to transform the course of your mental and physical state. Scents can help reduce stress and boost your mood and energy levels. As simply as saying: it’s summer!

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more than other senses. We tend to associate fragrances with memories and places.


Here are 7 types of scents to try this summer:

Citrus – Light and refreshing, the citrus scent is perfect for the summer days and is a top choice ingredient in summer perfumes. Citrus reminds us of the sunny Mediterranean holidays. If you like lemongrass, freshly cut champaca leaves, lemon and lime zest, and a hint of rhubarb, you might like the Zesty Champaca or Bergamot Orange aroma oils.

Mood: energizing, refreshing, vibrant, soothing.

Sea Salt – Refresh your indoor space with the freshness of the ocean breeze, and get carried away by the unforgettable memories of the days at the seaside. If you like white grapefruit, bergamot and mint, with a delicate touch of sandalwood, water lily, jasmine, and ocean accord, you might like AromaTech Ocean Breeze aroma oil. Create unforgettable moments with these fresh aromas!

Mood: refreshing, relaxing, memorable, clean.

Coconut – Take the scent of coconut into your home and imagine a paradise of white, sandy beaches and the cooling sight of crystal clear, glistening water. If you like peach nectar, creamy vanilla, banana, and coconut sugar, you might like the AromaTech Hawaiian Tropic aroma oil.

Mood: relaxing, tropical, summery, sweet.


Mint – Choose notes of mint to feel the refreshing and vibrant ambiance of a much-needed cooling breeze on a hot summer day. If you like pink jasmine, musk, mandarin blossoms and cedar leaves, you might like the Crushed Lime & Mint aroma oil. It creates the refreshing ambience of a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

Mood: earthy, refreshing, relaxing, vibrant.

White Tea – Relax with an infusion of white tea, rose, zesty oranges, sweet geraniums, Palo Santo and cedar wood. Variations include:

  • White Tea & Thyme – Delicate and refreshing, the feeling of a deep inhalation, of laundry fluttering in the breeze, of a window opened to a still morning.
  • White Tea & Bamboo – Delicate yet earthy, this aroma oil blend is a perfect balance of white tea and bamboo, creating a soothing and invigorating feel.

Mood: soothing, delicate, invigorating, relaxing, lovely.

AromaTech Review

Exotic fragrances:

  • Oriental Rain: Perfectly paired notes of geranium, ylang ylang and water lily, infused with a tranquil and rejuvenating blend rain accord and clean oak moss; finished with sparkling orange and juicy plum to complete this exotic fragrance oil. Mood: relaxing, lovely, floral, refreshing. Reminiscent of Wynn Hotel & Resort scent.
  • Royal Palm: With its perfect hints of tropical flowers and tropical fruits, this light and refreshing scent embodies the essence of a costal breeze on a warm tropical island. Mood: tropical, refreshing, summery, warm.

AromaTech Love Affair Aromatherapy

Energize and brighten your space with these refreshing summer scents!




AromaTech Diffusers

AromaTech Aromini BT

The AroMini diffuser is a sleek and stylish option for diffusing your essential oils in smaller areas – like your bedroom or living room – and covers 100-1,000 square feet.

For a large-scale business scenting solution, check out the AromaPro – a silent yet powerful machine capable to diffuse oils across spaces of 500-4,000 square feet.


What is the cold-air scent diffusion technology?

The cold air diffusion technology (the patented nebulizing technology) is probably the safest and cleanest way to diffuse your 100% pure essential and aroma oils to get the most of their therapeutic properties. Make it as subtle or as strong as you want to create your ideal ambience.

There are several reasons why cold-air diffusion technology is the best way to diffuse 100% essential oils and home fragrances. Not only does cold-air diffusion preserves the therapeutic power in your oils, but it also uses less oil while scenting small or large areas of your home or business. Unlike ultrasonic diffusers that evaporate the essential oils, require water dilution, and/or heat; cold-air diffusers simply use oil and cold air. AromaTech’s technology ensures that there is no damage to the essential oils’ properties and creates a longer lasting and consistent scent.


Room sprays and body mist lotions – several fragrances discounted! Check them out and enjoy the summer magic!


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