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America’s most award-winning luxury hybrid.

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DreamCloud Mattress is a luxury hybrid mattress brand that offers a combination of memory foam and pocketed coils for a supportive and comfortable sleep experience. It is known for its plush feel and multiple layers of foam and coils designed to provide pressure relief, motion isolation, and breathability.


The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress


  • Price range: $499 – $999

  • Mattress type: Hybrid

  • Warranty: Lifetime, limited

  • Trial length: 365 nights (30-night requirement)

  • Firmness: Medium firm


3 unique features of DreamCloud Mattress:


Luxury hybrid construction: The DreamCloud mattress is renowned for its luxurious hybrid design, incorporating high-quality materials in multiple layers to deliver exceptional comfort and support. It combines memory foam, a cashmere top, and individually wrapped coils to offer a perfect blend of contouring pressure relief and responsive support.

Cashmere blend cover: The DreamCloud mattress stands out with its distinctive cashmere blend cover, which brings an element of sophistication and plushness to the mattress surface. This opulent cover not only provides a comfortable feel but also aids in temperature regulation and moisture control, ensuring a cool and dry sleeping environment.

Targeted support and edge support: The DreamCloud mattress integrates precise support and fortified edge support. By combining individually wrapped coils and foam layers, it delivers targeted support to specific body regions, promoting correct spinal alignment and alleviating pressure points. Additionally, the reinforced edges of the mattress ensure sturdy edge support, increasing the usable sleep surface and reducing the chances of sagging or rolling off.


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Hybrid design: The DreamCloud mattress combines memory foam (CertiPUR-US® Certified standard foam) with individually wrapped coils, offering a balance of contouring support and responsiveness.

Affordable luxury: This hybrid mattress is made of a breathable cashmere top quilted with foam, pressure-relieving gel memory foam, and innerspring coils.

Comfortable and supportive: The combination of foam and coils in multiple layers creates a comfortable sleep surface that contours to the body and provides sufficient support for maintaining proper spinal alignment.


DreamCloud 6 layers



Cooling features: The DreamCloud mattress includes gel-infused memory foam to alleviate pressure, and its breathable cover enhances airflow and disperses heat, resulting in a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

Edge support: The reinforced edges of the mattress improve its stability and prevent sagging, ensuring that you can make use of the entire surface area of the bed.

Motion isolation: The individually wrapped coils minimize the transfer of motion, making the mattress an excellent option for couples or individuals who share a bed.

Long-lasting durability: The premium materials utilized in crafting the DreamCloud mattress are engineered to endure wear and tear, guaranteeing its long-lasting durability.

365-night trial period: DreamCloud provides an ample trial period that enables you to extensively test the mattress and determine if it satisfies your sleep requirements.

DreamCloud mattress in figures: 4 in 5 back pain sufferers said their DreamCloud helped some or a lot. 84% of customers say their DreamCloud is soft, supportive, and luxurious.





Firmness: The DreamCloud mattress might be firmer than anticipated for some people, making it unsuitable for those who prefer a softer sleep surface.

Heavy: Due to its hybrid construction, the DreamCloud mattress has a considerable weight, which can make moving or rotating it more difficult.

Off-gassing: Similar to other foam mattresses, the DreamCloud may have a slight smell upon unpacking, but it typically fades away within a few days.

Limited bounce: Although the hybrid construction provides good responsiveness, the DreamCloud mattress may not offer the same level of bounce as an innerspring mattress, which could be a personal preference for certain sleepers.


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Customer Reviews:


“Perfect mattress for side/back sleepers. I spent so long looking for a mattress that would accommodate me sleeping on my side or back because I switch a lot and the dream cloud is IT. It’s so plush and luxurious feeling and it really cradles and supports my shoulders while I sleep on my side but it doesn’t sink in if I turn on my back. I have been sleeping on it for over a month now. I couldn’t be happier. My quality of sleep has improved 10x. Delivery/mattress set up was also a breeze!” (Lissette, dreamcloudsleep.com)

“No more back pain. We did a lot of research, watched a million videos and read many reviews. This mattress was always in the top options. We decided to give it a try and wow… it was better than I expected. I was having a lot of back pain and after getting this mattress my back is feeling great. It’s very comfortable and I like the 365 night warranty. That’s unheard of. I would recommend this mattress to everyone!” (Pablo, dreamcloudsleep.com)

“The mattress is great. It took a couple weeks to ‘break in’. I think the mattress is more firm than what is advertised. It’s an amazing quality mattress in a box. It was delivered fast and easy to set up!” (Tre, dreamcloudsleep.com)

“This is my second DreamCloud mattress and is in my guest room. One of my guests has foot/leg neuropathy and currently has a sleep number bed. They raved about the best night of sleep they have had in years. I highly recommend this bed to anyone looking for a great night of rest!” (Deborah, dreamcloudsleep.com)

“This mattress is amazing. First day sleeping on it my sleep quality was so much better I felt like a new person.” (Christopher, dreamcloudsleep.com)

“We are pleased with our new Dream Cloud. We no longer wake up stiff and with back pain. We plan on purchasing more for each bedroom in our house.” (Kelly, dreamcloudsleep.com)

“Such an amazing mattress at a fair price. No break in period, it was comfortable right away. Pillow-like softness, but still supportive. I really wish I would’ve know about this mattress before I bought my other boxed ones!” (Kristin, dreamcloudsleep.com)


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