The Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Benefits of microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion treatments used to be known as the lunchtime peel. This short but effective anti aging skin procedure involved a visit to a dermatologist or esthetician office. Thanks to new technology you can now perform this costly procedure yourself at home by buying home microdermabrasion kits.


Professional microdermabrasion treatments involve the use of a tool that resembles a small blowtorch. This torch emits crystals on the surface of the skin and then gently polishes it. This polishing gets rid of the old exfoliated old skin cells and encourages new skin cells to grow. The stimulation to the smaller blood vessels in the facial skin is often immediately obvious because it brings a fresh baby pink glow to the face.


Microdermabrasian involves removing the superficial damaged layers in a non-invasive way. These skin layers look healthier and the thickness of the skin is improved. However microdermabrasion works best if you attend a series of treatments so that the cells have the constant opportunity to renew and rejuvenate themselves. If you have acne scars or severe damage, you need a session every two to three weeks to achieve a smoother, healthier skin texture.


Benefits of microdermabrasion

Before the advent of home microdermabrasion kits, microdermabrasion was always performed in an office. Each treatment usually took thirty minutes to an hour and cost about a hundred dollars. Now thankfully several cosmetic companies are putting out their own versions of this procedure which you can do yourself at home. This is a boon to busy and budget conscious women and men as most of these home dermabrasion kits only cost between $25 and $60 and contain several treatments in one kit. This allows you to turn your bathroom into a high efficiency salon that you can visit at your leisure to polish your skin.


This type of home microdermabrasion kit is also ideal for the slightly shy teenager who would rather try to take care of his or her acne scars in private. Some microdermabrasion products promise results in about four weeks but of course this all depends on how often and how well you use the product.


Unlike the salons, these home microdermabrasion kits often contain creams or gels with small polishing granules. Some are thermogenic meaning the cream or gel heats up while it is on your face further stimulating your skin’s circulation. Some kits also come with a battery operated skin polishers, which contain a slightly abrasive plastic pad to thoroughly scrub away dead skin cells and exfoliate the top layers of the skin.


Whether you are getting microdermabrasion in a salon or using a home microdermabrasion kit it is quite common for the skin to suffer from some irritation and redness immediately after the treatment. This is due to the exfoliation of the skin, which eventually leads to the birth of new skin cells. These new skin cells will cause wrinkled skin to look plumper, dull skin to look more vibrant and skin with acne scars to appear less pitted. If you do suffer from mild skin irritation after a treatment then usually a mild anti-inflammatory painkiller such as Advil does the trick for relieving the discomfort.


For maximum results you should also avoid wearing make up for a few days after a treatment so that you don’t hamper the renewal and healing of your newly abraded skin in any way.


As microdermabrasion only removes the top superficial layers of the skin it is considered to be quite safe. Due to the fact that skin cells regenerate quickly any redness that does occur on your skin after using a microdermabrasion kit should clear up within an hour or two. Used correctly a microdermabrasion kit can save you the money you would normally spend repeatedly visiting a dermatologist, cosmetologist or plastic surgeon to get your skin resurfaced. However keep in mind that you will still need to do several treatments at home to achieve the same results that you would visiting a salon for several microdermabrasion sessions.


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