The Power of Focus

The power of focus

A few months ago my cousin bought a new car. As soon as this happened, I began to notice the car model seemingly everywhere I went. It wasn’t the case that everyone else suddenly bought one. I just noticed it more. It would have been strange if it didn’t happen all the time. You find yourself more aware of a certain object or issue after it has been brought to your initial attention.


Then you notice similar objects over a period of time… perhaps for as long as the object is on your mind…like dreams perhaps. It’s the same with targets. Keep them at the forefront of your mind, and you will notice more things related to them.


The power of focus

There is a meta-physical side to this. Some people will tell you that you can bring the right situations or coincidences into your life simply by focusing on what you want. You might believe this or you might not. Even if you don’t, you have to admit that people who keep their goals on their minds are more alert. They see things that others miss. I have encountered it many times in the past.


When I just started my first business back at University, my first priority was to get clients. It was difficult for me to do this. I didn’t know where to start from. I also had my studies on my mind at the time. So I tried to partition the time I had for both. My business partner was different. Though he was studying perhaps even harder than I was, he always managed to keep the business on his mind as well. So, he always came upon opportunities for clients or ideas, while I was lost. I didn’t even notice these opportunities as they passed by.


Sustaining focus indefinitely can be quite difficult. There is so much more in life fighting for our attention. So it helps if you can prioritise. Make this goal one of the most important things in your life, so it stays with you. It should be something that stimulates you. That way, it won’t be easily drowned out by the background noise. As you go about your activities, you can consider circumstances in the context of your goal. You will notice more opportunities. You will have more lucky breaks. You will increase your chances of success.


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You would be surprised how much could be gained by throwing out a casual comment regarding your interest in a conversation in shop. Maybe the stranger you are talking to could turn out to be an investor. Maybe he will have some useful advice that could aid you on your path. You might see a billboard with a message that could trigger a new idea in your mind. All of this could happen; but the chances are dramatically increased by ensuring that your mind is focussed.


So if, for instance, your goal is financial independence (you and most other people!); keep it on your mind… and not in the fearful way most people do. Just be alert. Observe your environment and the people you meet everyday. When your chance comes, you will be able to see it and grab it.

It’s all about focus.




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