Therabody: Percussive Therapy for Pain Relief

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Muscle soreness, a constant companion for athletes and weekend warriors alike, can put a damper on your workout routine and overall well-being. But what if there was a way to melt away that tension and accelerate recovery?


Enter Therabody, a wellness company at the forefront of percussive therapy, offering innovative devices that are redefining how we approach muscle care.



Therabody, formerly known as Hyperice, is a company focused on offering tech-driven wellness and recovery tools. Their claim to fame is pioneering percussive therapy, a technique that uses rapid bursts of pressure to target deep muscle tissue.



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Unlike traditional vibration therapy, percussive therapy uses rapid bursts of pressure to penetrate deep into muscle tissue. This targeted approach offers a range of potential benefits, including:


  • Enhanced circulation: The percussive action can increase blood flow to the targeted area, which aids in muscle recovery and reduces inflammation.


  • Pain relief: The percussive action may help disrupt pain signals and promote the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, leading to temporary pain relief.


  • Reduced soreness: By breaking down lactic acid buildup, a common culprit behind post-workout soreness, Therabody devices can help you get back to feeling your best faster.


  • Improved flexibility: Tight muscles and fascia can restrict movement. Percussive therapy can help loosen these tissues, potentially increasing your range of motion.



Therabody offers a wider range of wellness products to complement their percussive therapy devices. These include:


  • Recovery boots: Air compression boots that promote circulation and reduce muscle fatigue.


  • Foam rollers and massage balls: Offer various textures and densities for targeted muscle release and relaxation.


  • Vibration therapy devices: Provide a gentler form of massage suitable for relaxation and sensitive areas.




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