Young Living Essential Oils Review

My kind of Zen - Young Living Essential Oils Review

If you rely on essential oils to improve your well-being, then it’s best to buy products from responsible companies, as they offer the guarantee of the brand and have the best practices in the industry. After all, this industry is not regulated by the FDA or other authority, so when it comes to health and safety, how do you know that you’ve made the right choices?

In the end, the product selection is a matter of personal preference based on the affinity with the brand and products. However, when looking into potential essential oil brands, there are some criteria you should consider in order to get the maximum benefits and be satisfied with your choice.

Let’s look into Young Living essential oils and what makes them so popular on the market.

Young Living is a blend of industry-leading research, third-party testing, and innovative product development.

Company background

Young Living is the pioneer in the field of essential oils, with over 2 decades of production and innovation. According to their site, they are the World Leader in Essential Oils, on a mission to bring their essential oils to every home in the world, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Quality Control and Standards

Their ingredients are sourced from reputable farms and tested thoroughly. The Seed to Seal® program ensures that each product is created based on three pillars: Sourcing, Science, and Standards. The Seed to Seal® standard preserves the integrity and potency of essential oils through every step of the production process. They use the best manufacturing practices to test essential oils and if a product does not meet the standard, the batch is rejected.

Young Living does not compromise on quality by adding synthetics, contaminants or cheap fillers. They also use some of the most scientifically advanced equipment, extensive research and leverage the expertise of multifunctional teams in order to create best in class products.

The quality is also 3rd party substantiated via SCS Global Services (SCS) – a global expert in environmental and sustainability certification, standards development and responsible sourcing.

Product range

Purity and efficacy are of maximum importance to Young Living and they make products and blends that most people can relate to. They create a lifestyle rather than just selling products.

They have popular, well-established and trustworthy products for the entire family, with dedicated products for kids and pets (known as sensitive to essential oils). Besides essential oils and blends, the range of products also includes diffusers and accessories, healthy and fit products (with its Foundation Nutrition, Targeted Nutrition, Cleansing Nutrition, and Cooking Nutrition pillars), personal care products (facial, dental, body and hair care, lotions and moisturizers and a dedicated men’s care portfolio).

Young Living blends

Price range

Young Living products are among the most expensive essential oils on the market, however, you also need to consider the product innovation, research, superior technologies and quality standards, the efforts in supporting the communities, the environmental practices. If you decide that safety and superior quality products are top priorities for you, then you must consider Young Living among your essential oil options.

Customer feedback and reviews

Pros: People are impressed with the Young Living history, the Seed to Seal guarantee, which is reassuring that they get quality products from a respectable company involved in every step of the production process. Customers also appreciate the clean products, without added chemicals. They have products for the entire family, with dedicated products for kids and pets (known to be very sensitive to essential oils), cooking, supplements and other beauty and home products. About 80% of the Amazon reviews are 5 stars rating.

Cons: Several people on Amazon complain about bottle leakage and the fact that the seal is broken. If ever in doubt about the authenticity of the essential oils (kit), it’s best to order them from the manufacturer’s site. The increased price is another concern some people mention.


Young Living is dedicated in making a difference in their communities’ lives and doing business responsibly. They have developed a global compliance program that tracks ingredients sourcing, production compliance, environmental care, and community impact.

Customer Service

Young Living has an extensive global support system that can be reached via e-mail, phone (free toll number) or address. Check the information on their site.

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r is a natural all-purpose concentrate that can be used in every room in your home, with ease and without the harsh chemicals.

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My kind of Zen - Young Living Lavender 15ml Essential Oil Lavender essential oil – as one of our most popular products, Lavender is a great beginner oil and a must for every home.

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