AromaTech™ Review – Premium Diffusers and Essential Oils for Home & Business (Review #2 – AromaTech™ For Business)

My Kind of Zen AromaTech Review

This article is for business owners (retailers, car dealerships, hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, spas, casinos, the gaming industry and businesses of all kind for their employees well-being), HR managers and motivated employees who want to use a powerful business differentiator – Scent Marketing or Ambient Scenting – to grow their business and engage their consumers and employees in a memorable way.


Scent your Business for Customers and Employees Satisfaction and Recall

My Kind of Zen AromaTech Review


Scent Marketing – What Does Your Brand Smell Like?

We are sensorial human beings and the sense of smell plays an important role in our decisions, memories, and emotions.

Scent Marketing helps create a pleasant environment, increase customers’ satisfaction, browsing time in stores and the brand’s recognition, memorability and loyalty. All translated ultimately into having an edge over the competition and increasing sales and profits.

Studies show that a pleasant scent can improve customer engagement, workplace productivity and even assist with health conditions.

When the scent of baked bread was diffused in a US supermarket, sales in the bakery section increased threefold. (Hirsch, 1995, International Journal of Aromatherapy).

Lavender diffusion during breaks at work has been found to have a positive correlation with employees’ performance. (Sakamoto, et al, 2006, cited at

An Australian university is using scents to help diagnose several brain disorders including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. (University of Melbourne, 2006, cited at

An experiment taken in a US casino suggested that gambling revenue increased by 48% by diffusing a pleasant aroma and creating a relaxing environment. (Hirsch, 1995, Psychology and Marketing)

In a 1989 experiment, customers spent more time in a jewelry store when a pleasant aroma was diffused. (Knasko, 1989, cited in The Journal of Marketing, USA)

Studies also suggested that some essential oils can help boost the body’s immune system and kill bacteria and viruses in the air. For this reason, some hospitals in the UK diffuse pine essential oil to prevent the spread of infection.


How Can Scent Marketing Help Your Business?

What is your business signature scent? Like your logo, business card and other assets that represent your business identity, ambient scenting can be a powerful tool you can leverage to be unforgettable in the minds and hearts of consumers. We are sensorial human beings and our sense of smell is a powerful one, helping us recall people and events that we associate in our minds with pleasant experiences.

Offices, universities and schools – improve mood, increase focus and productivity and overall create a pleasant workspace atmosphere!

You can use AromaTech™ HVAC/AC systems to diffuse fresh peppermint, citrus or eucalyptus essential oils to improve air quality, kill germs and bacteria and energize people in the workspaces. Some studies have shown that workers exposed to lavender scent had fewer work-related errors, while peppermint improved speed and accuracy. One study suggested that lavender diffusion during breaks at work has been found to have a positive correlation with employees’ performance. (Sakamoto, et al, 2006, cited at

Say goodbye to afternoon sluggishness in the workplace by diffusing an energizing aroma such as lemon or orange. Give essential oils a try to see how ambient scenting impacts your employees’ work performance and general well-being and improve your employer branding.


Retailers – increase shoppers’ browsing time in-store, engagement and recall, sales and profits!

My Kind of Zen AromaTech Review

In the cluttered retail landscape, businesses are making increased efforts to stand out from their competitors, whether through store layout, merchandising, music and promotional activities. Research has shown that consumers spend more time and are willing to pay higher prices in pleasantly scented environments.

The first 15 seconds of consumers’ retail experience largely impacts how they feel about their overall retail experience. Scented stores have a better consumer recall, since the sense of smell impacts our memory and emotions.

In malls in particular, the retail experience should be a complete experience and a signature scent should complete the branding efforts.


Hotel lobbies and rooms, restaurants – trigger the power of ambient scenting to create a comfortable and home-like feeling for your guests!

Create a signature scent for your hotel or restaurant to stand out from the competition and leave a powerful, memorable impression on your guests!

You can go the extra mile and offer your hotel guests premium room sprays and hair and body mist products from AromaTech™.


The auto industry – create brand memorability and a better experience for your customers!

AromaTech™ solutions help you create an improved sales experience in your dealership. Diffuse an elegant aroma in the reception area with the AromaPro diffuser or scent the entire dealership with the AirStream HVAC through the air conditioning ventilation.

You can also offer your loyal customers car diffusers, room sprays, and hair and body products from AromaTech™ as part of your marketing efforts.


Gym, spas and fitness clubs – create a healthy and rejuvenating environment for sport and wellness lovers!

My Kind of Zen AromaTech Review

Stay competitive in your sport business by offering gym lovers a fresh air, free of bacteria, viruses by diffusing essential oils.

You can diffuse subtle aromas in the reception area for a pleasant welcoming, fresh scents in the gym spaces to create an energizing atmosphere during the workouts. As studies confirmed that some essential oils have antimicrobial and antiseptic properties (eucalyptus, peppermint), you can also use them in saunas and steam rooms to fight germs and help people with coughs and other respiratory conditions. Diffusing essential oils in change rooms can eliminate unwanted odors and maintain the clean air in your entire fitness center.

For spas in particular, ambient scenting should focus on creating a unique and memorable scent that engages consumers on an emotional level.


In the entertainment industry – it’s all about the experience, so make every detail count!

In bars, nightclubs and casinos, ambient scenting is used not only to fight various malodors (like body odors and cigarette smoke), but also to enhance mood (with bergamot oil, for example), trigger emotions and overall create a better experience.

An experiment undertaken in an US casino suggested that gambling revenue increased by 48% by diffusing a pleasant aroma and creating a pleasant, relaxing environment. (Hirsch, 1995, Psychology and Marketing)


AromaTech™ For Business

AromaTech™ is a Canadian company that supplies nebulizing scent diffusers, 100% pure essential oils and aroma oils for home and business.

Since 2009, AromaTech™ has been working with world-known brands such as Apple, Four Seasons, Harley Davidson, Jimmy Choo, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Sky Zone Trampoline Parks, Steve Nash Sports Clubs and other premium brands wishing to connect with their customers on a personal and more emotional level.

AromaTech AroMini BT Bluetooth Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser For Aromatherapy and Scent Diffusing
AromaTech AroMini BT Bluetooth Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser For Aromatherapy and Scent Diffusing


From Business to Consumers’ Homes

Over the years AromaTech™ has been improving commercial scenting systems and they also brought them into people’s homes via their collection of home diffusers and high quality, pure essential oils.


The AromaTech™ brand in a nutshell:
– Nebulizing scent diffusers that unlike ultrasonic diffusers use technology that better preserves the oil fragrance and properties.
– Premium quality essential oils with 100% natural ingredients, concentrated and sourced from sustainable places around the world, contain no harmful chemicals or additives.
– Pet-friendly – all the essential oils and aroma oil blends are certified as pet-friendly. This is an important advantage over their competitors, since most essential oils available on the market are not pet-friendly.
– Offers a variety of products: nebulizing diffusers, essential oils, aroma oils blends, hair and body mist products, room sprays and car diffusers.

AromaTech™ for Business offers premium quality diffusers, essential and aromatic oils.


AromaTech™ Premium Diffusers

You have many options when it comes to selecting an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, but only cold-air nebulizing diffusers have the benefit of distributing highly concentrated scents over a large area without compromising the oil’s chemical composition and preserving a strong fragrance. Unlike ultrasonic diffusers, these devices create a very fine mist that does not need to be diluted using water, so you will experience high quality, concentrated, therapeutic oil.

AromaTech™ cold-air nebulizing diffusion technology preserves the integrity and concentration of essential and aroma oils, releasing it as a micro-mist. Quality matters, especially when it comes to a business product. AromaTech™ diffusers are silent and created with superior materials and techniques, so they don’t compromise on quality.

AromaTech™ diffusers are stylish, matching almost any decor and operate quietly. Some of them can be connected to your HVAC system. AromaTech™ offers solutions to any business environment, whether you need to scent a small office or a large retail store or anything between them. Check AromaCube for small offices, AroMini BT for medium spaces, AromaPro for large spaces and Air Stream Single or Air Stream Duo for extra-large spaces.
Some of the devices are portable – such as AromaCube and AromaPro, others are fixed units Air Stream Single and Air Stream Duo.

AromaTech™ Premium Essential and Aromatic Oils

My Kind od Zen AromaTech Review

AromaTech™ offers premium aroma oils and 100% pure essential oil blends that have anti-bacterial properties that help with cleansing the air and removing odors such as smoke, food, alcohol and body odors, while also creating an overall positive, memorable experience.

AromaTech™ essential oils both clean the air and create a better environment, help create memorable associations in the minds of consumers, which can impact your business – generating more sales and profits.

For best results, combine AromaTech™ diffusers with AromaTech™ essential and aroma oils.

Leave your mark on the competitive business environment with Scent Marketing!



AromaTech for Home has been reviewed in this article.

To find out more information about how essential oils can fight respiratory conditions, backed up by scientific evidence, check our article 11 Essential Oils that act like your Winter Shield against Colds, Flues and Winter Blues.


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