How to Survive Shopping and Thrive this Holiday Season

Christmas essential oils

With the holiday season just around the corner, many of us anticipate the hectic atmosphere starting early December until after New Year’s Eve.

Managing your time wisely and staying on top of your priorities can be quite a challenge during the winter’s holiday season. Especially shopping can be quite exhausting. The work projects with close deadlines, your home chores that you never get time-off from, and the holidays’ specials: the Christmas shopping. And parties, which can make the season more fun and entertaining, but may also come with additional stress and tiredness.

So, how do you make sure you survive shopping and thrive this holiday season?

The short answer is: Plan accordingly and have an overview of your top priorities. Regarding shopping, with diffusers and essential oils, you can have (almost) all covered this holiday season. You cannot go wrong with a premium essential oil diffuser or quality, classic essential oils aroma as gifts.

Consider efficient planning and the minimalist approach that “less is more”. Focus on the key activities that are a must or the ones that make you thrive. There is no space in between.

Do the planning for the whole holiday season, keeping track of all /most of your activities. Cut off the ones that are not important or urgent, to make space for the Christmas magic. Focus and don’t miss on your key priorities or projects. Honor your social commitments, pay special attention to the activities or things that make you thrive, make you feel more energetic or happy. Leave also space for the unexpected – last-minute appointments at work or surprise guests at home. You can keep your “thoughts” in your smartphone, pocket agenda or simply on a piece of paper. It shouldn’t be more complicated than that, to be easily manageable at the same time. As I said, less is sometimes more.

Here are 3 activities you don’t want to miss this Holidays Season:

  1. Holidays Shopping

Make yourself a valuable gift: save the time spent in queues, shop smart and make time for you and your loved ones. The most efficient yet simple route is to make a budget, plan and order your gifts online, leaving sufficient time to have them delivered. Pay attention to the deadlines for Secret Santa and early parties – aim to have everything delivered ideally by December 15th.

Christmas gifting tips with diffusers and essential oils – Go beyond offering just a gift. Create a memorable experience that the gift recipient can easily recall.

Premium diffusers and essential oils are practical gifts for both business and casual. They are very versatile, make perfect gifts for almost any occasion and they don’t take much space for storage. They are suitable for both men and women, for home or office, for your business network or casual parties, for travel. You can use them virtually everywhere to create a pleasant scent and atmosphere and beat the winter blues. They make use of the sense of smell, helping create powerful experiences and memories.

The AromaTech™ premium line makes an unbeatable gifting experience (read their full reviews at the end of this article). AromaTech™ offers premium scent diffusers, aroma oils and 100% pure essential oil blends that can make perfect gifts for the winter holiday season. Since we spend most of the time indoors, in order to beat the winter blues, try aromas that can uplift your spirits, relieve the cold symptoms and have overall wellness benefits. Keep reading to find out more!

Gifts Ideas for Secret Santa at work: choose among a variety of scents of 100% pure essential oils or aroma oils! If you don’t know what to choose, your best bet is to go with popular, classic scents like White Tea & Thyme, Santal, The Hotel, Green Tea & Lemongrass.

Also consider gifts such as room sprays, the hair and body mist collection, car/automobile diffusers or simply offer a gift card when you’re not sure what to buy. AromaTech™ gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. They have no additional processing fees.

Gifts Ideas for Christmas

Essential Oils Diffusers

  • For small apartments, consider AroMini BT –  this is a popular choice for people who want to scent a smaller area via a Bluetooth connected diffuser.
  • For large apartments, explore the AromaPro or Air Stream Single options that can be connected to your HVAC/AC system, allowing you to distribute efficiently your chosen aroma over 7,000+ square feet.
  • The ideas from Secret Santa party work like magic too. You may also add a more personal touch by creating nicely wrapped sets: essential oils kits, room sprays and car diffusers, home diffuser plus car diffuser, hair and body mist kits.

Gifts Ideas for the New Year’s Eve

Here’s your winning proposition for 2020: New Year = New You. Surprise your friends with a small gift that can make them start 2020 on a more positive note.

Gifts for other occasions in the first half of 2020

You can also plan and buy essential oils for the next year, if you have a clear image of their recipients, and even if you don’t since they are very versatile. Write down the birthdays, anniversaries, house-warming parties you know from the first half of 2020 and shop in advance. Diffusers and essential oils can make perfect gifts, suitable for (almost) any occasion and easy to store. So you can also order additional quantities, to have in store for unexpected birthdays, social gathering, house-warming presents or simply when you remain out-of-stock of your favorite essential oils aroma.

2. Home Decoration – There is no place like home for Christmas. Clean, scent and create a special home atmosphere. A clean house will relieve stress, boost your mood and prepare your place for the upcoming holidays’ gathering.

Here’s how to use the essential oils from AromaTech™ at home:

  • Use essential oils as a home cleaner and disinfector. Put a few drops in clean water and use the mix to clean kitchen and bath surfaces. Essential oils with citrus aroma such as Lemon, Lime or Orange, or refreshing ones such as Eucalyptus or Pine can do the magic. They have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, while also leaving a pleasant scent.
  • Invest in a quality, premium diffuser to create an aromatherapy experience. See the diffusers recommended earlier from AromaTech™.
  • Create a special holiday atmosphere with essential oils. Recreate the Christmas Magic in your home during all winter season, with scents like Holiday Spice – keynotes apples, tangerine, and cinnamon; Gingerbread – with keynotes gingerbread, vanilla, and nutmeg, delicately combined to create a luxurious and welcoming holiday feel.; Fresh Air with keynotes of Citrus Bergamot, Ivy, Tea Leaves – which help create the refreshing scent of fresh clean air; or try a more sophisticated flavor for special events, like Oud Saphir – with key notes of bergamot, rose and amber.

3. Last but not least: Make Time for Yourself – the winter holidays can be so stressful and hectic, draining out your energy, especially if you’ve had a busy year.

Make the most of your holiday days-off, as an opportunity to erase the stress and burnout and enhance your physical and psychological well-being.

Here’s how to use and recharge yourself with essential oils:

  • Invest in a premium essential oil diffuser: see the recommendations from point 1 – Holidays Shopping.
  • Use essential oils to relieve stress and anxiety, especially suitable before bedtime: scents such as Stress Release or Lavender that promote a good night’s sleep.
  • Use essential oils for energy and mood boost (in the morning or late afternoon)– try refreshing and energizing aromas such as Eucalyptus or Pine.
  • Use essential oils for a relaxing bath: mix 2-3 drops of essential oils in 2 tablespoons of carrier oil such as coconut, olive or other vegetable oils. Put the mix in your bath water and pamper yourself.
  • Keep the magic going in your car or when you travel with portable scent diffusers: car/automobile diffusers, room sprays.

Remember your winning proposition for 2020: New Year = New You! Practice these self-love rituals and you can start 2020 on a more positive note!  

From creating a nice scent all year long, to the perfect aromatherapy bath, to relieving cold and flu symptoms, to the versatile gift you can never go wrong with. By choosing essentials oils you can have it all.

And yes, you will survive holidays shopping and thrive this winter season with efficient planning and prioritization!


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