NEW: AromaTech Journeys Collection – Remedies for Wanderlust

Aromatech Journeys Collection


The Journeys Collection from AromaTech



A tranquil morning in the tropics.


An inhalation of crisp, raw alpine air.


A warm breeze embracing the Mediterranean coast.


A grove of redwoods standing sentry beneath the night sky.


Four distinctive destinations, four evocative fragrances.





A sensory remedy for wanderlust — instant transport to a place you’d rather be:


Bora Bora Serenity evokes the calm of an island oasis. Think of tropical fruits, frangipani, coconut.


Alpine Summit is a breath of crisp mountain air. Think of mountain air, fir needles, geranium.


Amalfi Revelry conjures the warmth and jubilation of the Mediterranean. Think of Italian lemon, crushed mint, orange flower.


Redwood Nocturne recalls the stillness and majesty of a centuries-old sequoia grove. Think of fir balsam, rosebud, fresh ceda.


Four aromatic remedies for wanderlust.




Bora Bora Serenity


The Relaxed Tempo of the Tropics



AromaTech Bora Bora Aromatherapy



Frangipani, coconut and tropical fruits carried on a warm breeze. The sun still climbing higher, not yet at its hottest for the day. A gentle tide washed over white sand. Here, there’s no to-do list, no need to hurry, no obligation to anyone but yourself: all you need to do is breathe in the peace and deep, quiet joy of a morning alone in this island paradise.


Bora Bora Serenity recalls the harmony, warmth, and gentle pace of a tropical oasis. Fruity and floral notes grounded by a woody base—all the meditative calm of an early-morning stroll along a remote sandy beach.


Key Notes: Tropical fruits, frangipani, coconut.


Mood: Peace, serenity, joy.




Alpine Summit


The Elation of the Peaks



AromaTech Alpine Summit Aromatherapy



This is the reward of the hike: dramatic, white-capped peaks on the horizon. Brilliant blue sky overhead. Crisp, clean mountain air with every inhale. A grassy clearing dotted with wildflowers; the perfect place to catch your breath. Once your heart slows, you start to notice the sounds of your surroundings—a distant stream rushing over rocks, birds calling to one another, the wind in the treetops.


With notes of mountain air, fir needles, and geranium, Alpine Summit recalls the glory of the cool-down after a brisk hike: majestic snow-capped peaks on the horizon and birds wheeling in the bright blue sky overhead.


Key Notes: Mountain air, fir needles, geranium.


Mood: Refreshing, invigorating, enlivening.




Amalfi Revelry


A Mediterranean Mood



AromaTech Amalfi Revelry Aromatherapy


Driving, windows down, into the bright hot afternoon along a road that curves around the coastline. Salty wind tangling in your hair. Lemon trees and scrubby rosemary shifting in the breeze.


On one side, whitewashed houses dotting the hills at the edge of your vision. On the other side, the vast clear sea sending off points of light. In the rearview mirror, laundry dancing on a line. Ahead of you: a checkered tablecloth, sun-warmed tomatoes on bread, spirited conversation, good wine.


Amalfi Revelry transports you to the edge of the Mediterranean—all sparkling sea, whitewashed houses and scrubby vegetation.


Key Notes: Italian lemon, crushed mint, orange flower.


Mood: Energizing, joyful, stimulating.




Redwood Nocturne


The Scent of Serenity



AromaTech Redwood Nocturne Aromatherapy


A dense, ancient place of towering firs, lush ferns and bright moss; living species that remind you how young you are—and how old the world. The forest is a long, deep embrace. The overhead canopy is thick, but between foliage the moon is as full and bright as a pearl. The redwoods stand sentry while you sleep.


Recalling the breathtaking, centuries-old sequoia groves of northern California, Redwood Nocturne is distinguished by notes of balsam, cedar and vetiver—a soothing, sophisticated blend to calm busy minds after a long day.


Key Notes: Fir balsam, rosebud, fresh cedar.


Mood: Reflective, calm, meditative.




AromaTech essential and aroma oils are:


Pure: These longstanding AromaTech favourites are made with the purest essential oils to yield exceptional aromas—complex, rich, and evocative; able to transform any mood or setting.


Made with natural ingredients: Aroma Oil is a 100% Pure Diffuser Blend created with the highest quality of raw and natural ingredients. We combine our aroma oils with pure essential oils.


Certified: Non-GMO, vegan, and are free of parabens, DPG, glycols, petrochemicals, phthalate, artificial additives, synthetic colors, or harmful chemicals.


Best used with a diffuser: It is designed to be conveniently used in any cold-air or ultrasonic diffuser, ceramic diffuser, or car diffuser to diffuse to create your ideal ambience.



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